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Dance Class Schedule 2024

Each class is held once a week at their designated day and time!


Combination Classes- These beginning combination ballet and tap classes focus on learning basic technique and terminology.

Ballet- Ballet develops the dancers’ flexibility, balance, strength and posture and is the foundation of all dance forms.  

Pointe- is for the more advanced ballet dancer. This form of dance enables you to perform fully on the top of your toes. Dancers must obtain approval in order to take Pointe. 

Jazz- An upbeat, energetic form of dance which focuses on the dancers’ ability to obtain multiple turns and execute leaps.

Lyrical- Lyrical is an expressive form of dance that combines jazz, ballet and modern technique. 

Musical Theatre: Perfect for those who enjoy theatre, musicals and drama! Our Musical Theatre Dance Class will focus on character dancing techniques and skills instrumental in Broadway-style choreography. Classes will include acting, improvisational games and jazz technique.

Acrobatics: The class will work on developing back bends, cartwheels and other fun tricks that will make you an all-around great acrobat! 

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